Electronic Navigational Charts

Our range of electronic navigational chart offerings and services. 

Official ENCs

Official Electronic Navigational Charts – ENCs – are vector-based electronic charts, designed to meet the relevant chart carriage requirements of the IMO Safety of Life At Sea (SOLAS) convention. During installation into the ECDIS system ENC files are converted to the SENC (System Electronic Navigational Chart) data with similar contents.

ENCs are produced by Governmental Hydrographic offices of different nations, each Hydrographic Office is responsible for production and updates ENC for its territory.

  • ACES 
    For customers of eGlobe G2 ECDIS, ChartWorld distributes ENC data in SENC format. The ChartWorld SENC distribution, with designated name ACES (Advanced ChartWorld ENC Service), has been tested and approved by DNV for compliance, with DNV Report No. 2002-1392 rev. 02 Requirements for SENC distribution.
  • AVCS
    The Admiralty Vector Chart Service brings together Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) from HOs around the world with new ENCs produced by UKHO in co-operation with foreign governments to provide the most comprehensive, official, worldwide nautical chart coverage available. AVCS only contains ENCs that meet Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Carriage Requirements for use within Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS).


ENC Distribution

The provision of a timely, reliable, worldwide and uniform ENC data distribution service is a major organizational challenge and the IHO developed the WEND (World-wide ENC Database) concept to meet these requirements.

WEND includes a conceptual schema describing a network of Regional Electronic Chart Co-ordinating Centers (RENCs). RENCs act as a wholesale outlet for ENCs. The ENC data are then delivered to users through a network of data service providers.

ChartWorld is a qualified ENC Service provider, delivering ENC data on behalf of the RENCs and Hydrographic Offices. ChartWorld holds the following certifications and approvals, related to ENC distribution:

  • UKHO Qualified Distributor for AVCS (Admiralty Vector Chart Service) and ACES
  • Certified NOAA ENC Value Added Distributor.
  • Value Added distributor of Primar and ICENC RENCs.  


The following value-added ENC services and distribution channels are available from ChartWorld.


Our ChartWorld team of experts are here to review every request your vessel makes. This will save you considerable time in the office for final review as we can assist the crew to ensure all necessary ENCs are provided for the next voyage. Visual and email confirmation is provided for full visibility of our value added service.

Other ENCs

  • IENCs
    Inland ENCs are compiled for use in Inland ECDIS applications. Like ENCs they are based on IHO S-57. To meet specific river navigation requirements IENCs have respective extensions (e.g. features not relevant for maritime ECDIS like notice marks). In 2003 the Inland ENC Harmonization Group (IEHG) was formed. It’s task is to harmonize and support the development of international standards for Inland ENCs.
  • PENCs
    While bENCs serve as a bathymetric complement that should be used in combination with an ENC or IENC so called PENCs (Port ENCs) contain all information types that can be found in ENCs and/or IENCs. PENCs are compiled for operations and manoeuvres that require large scale charts (e.g. 1:2000 or better). Hence most accurate topographic data is used when PENCs are compiled. The PENC product specification was drafted in the framework of the Efforts Project WP 1.3 PortECDIS which was led by Hamburg Port Authority.
  • bENCs
    bENC stands for bathymetry ENC. bENCs contain high density bathymetric information. They serve as a S-57 bathymetry complement for regular ENCs. SevenCs developed the bENC concept 15 years ago and drafted a product specification which was derived from the IHO ENC Product Specification.
    bENCs have become very popular for use in portable pilot systems. Due to the fact that the content is limited to depth contours, selected soundings, depth areas along with quality information the production can be automated to an extent. For this purpose hydrographic survey datasets are used as input.
    The Inland ECDIS Harmonization Group adopted the bENC concept in the Inland ECDIS Standard 2.4.

Admiralty Raster Chart Service (ARCS)

The Admiralty Raster Chart Service (ARCS) has been a mainstay of the industry’s move towards digital navigation for over 2 decades. Using the same imagery and symbols as the traditional Admiralty Standard Nautical Paper Charts, ARCS are familiar to all who have ever sailed with Paper Charts.

ARCS conform to the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) Product Specification S-61, providing a consistent look and feel across the worldwide coverage they offer. With over 3000 official charts available, ARCS can be used to assist planning, for office operations and as an alternative for navigation, under certain conditions, where ENCs do not exist yet.

ARCS are updated weekly and offered in a variety of purchasing options such as 10 Regional Folios, 1 Worldwide Folio or as individual charts. Allowing you to select as little or as much as you require easily and cost effectively.

Unofficial / Private data


Electronic charts, created by C-Map are based on ENCs and additional sources, mainly paper charts, published by hydrographic offices. The C-Map charts are mainly designed for commercial shipping but can also be used by leisure users, the charts are regularly updated by ENC updates and Notices to Mariners, published by Hydrographic offices.


The Navionics digital nautical charts are S-57 vector charts which are privately produced by Navionics SpA. Navionics provides a seamless cartographic database with global coverage and is the largest privately owned database of its kind in the world.

ChartWorld offers Navionics digital charts in encrypted S-63 and in encrypted directENC (SevenCs SENC) format.

ChartWorld Charts

ChartWorld charts are the perfect charts for vessels in coastal navigation and pleasure crafts. They are vector nautical charts derived by ChartWorld from S-57 data produced and licensed to us by national HOs for non-SOLAS applications only. ChartWorld digital charts include data from the following HOs: Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Iceland, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the USA. Other countries are being regularly added to the service.

ChartWorld digital charts are regularly updated but not maintained fully in accordance with SOLAS requirements and must not be used as a replacement for up-to-date and authorized official nautical charts or ENCs.

ChartWorld offers ChartWorld digital charts in unencrypted S-57 (where allowed), encrypted S-63 and in encrypted directENC (SevenCs SENC) format.

For one-off prices please visit our web-shop. For volume and multi-vessel discounts please contact support@chartworld.com.