Is it possible for the crew to perform the software update itself?

Yes, we have designed the system in a way that makes expensive engineering visits for SW upgrades unnecessary.

Is it also possible for our (shipping company) standard service partner to perform the services?
• Yes, we can train your service team to perform installations and first-line support.

Maintenance contracts are always more expensive than service work performed on a case-by-case basis. What are my advantages?
In our view, two factors - the system design and the nature of constant improvement to the ECDIS standard and ECDIS hardware – mean that shipping companies face what they may feel is a ꞌmoving goalpostsꞌ situation. eServe guarantees that we switch this ꞌmoving goalpostsꞌ burden onto ourselves.
We are not talking about a maintenance contract of USD 10,000 a year but rather of about USD 1,500 a year.