Onboard Training

STCW Convention, as well as the international Safety management (ISM) Code, require companies to ensure seafarers are provided with familiarisation training. A ship safety management system should include familiarisation with the ECDIS equipment fitted, including its backup arrangements, sensors and related peripherals. ECDIS manufacturers are encouraged to provide training resources including type-specific materials. These resources may form part of the ECDIS familiarisation training.

Onboard Familiarisation System (OFS) for eGlobe G2

Our new Onboard Familiarisation System (OFS), created by ChartWorld master mariners, has been developed to provide every nautical officer optimal support and training for the use of eGlobe G2. OFS is designed to give crew the knowledge they require to operate the ECDIS safely, even with no prior knowledge. The entire OFS training takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.

Beside the familiarisation course, the OFS provides an index, troubleshooting, and audit preparation support section to guarantee continuous training. Implemented assessment modules and automatically generated training certificates provide monitoring and verification of the crew's training.

This combination encourages crew to use this as daily support tool to refresh and expand their knowledge, instead of relying on a one-time training.

With frequently distributed updates, ChartWorld ensures your vessels always have a training tool which is optimised to match their requirements for safe navigation onboard.