ChartBrowser - Catalog Update

The ChartBrowser requires up-to-date catalogue information in order to function properly and to display the correct price information (where applicable for on-line ordering). When a good internet connection is available (for example when using ChartBrowser in the office) the catalogue update is best done via a direct HTTP download. In case ChartBrowser is used aboard a vessel and/or no adequate internet connection is available you can download the latest catalogues from our website and put them onto portable medium (e.g. USB stick). You could then use the ChartBrowser's offline catalog update to update catalogue database. Please use the ChartBrowser application menu "File -> ChartBrowser Data -> Load Catalogue From Disk".

» Download the latest ChartBrowser catalogues «

Please extract the ZIP archive to an arbitrary location on your computer (e.g. C:\current_chartbrowser_catalogues) prior to using ChartBrowser.