IENCs - Inland Electronic Nautical Charts

Inland ENCs (IENCs) are official digital vector charts produced by inland waterway authorities in accordance with the International Hydrographic Organisation's (IHO) product specification S-57, extended for use on inland waterways.

NOTE: Because of the technical similarity between IENCs and SOLAS ENCs, both can usually be displayed on both ECDIS and inland navigation systems. However, the inland IENC standard is a superset of the ENC standard. Therefore, an ECDIS system will not normally display inland waterway specific objects and symbols correctly. If you intend to use IENCs on an ECDIS please check your system compatability first.

ChartWorld offers IENCs in S-57 (where allowed), S-63 (the most commonly used data format for the distribution of SOLAS ENCs) and (also, where allowed) the SevenCs SENC format, directENC.