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Steven Schootbrugge


Starting in New Zealand, in the marine industry, in 1998 – and joining ChartWorld in 2011 – I am honoured to lead a team of over 150 people with a combined 1500 years of maritime and business experience. This remarkable assembly of industry talent has resulted in ChartWorld becoming the largest company in the world to solely focus on digital navigation.

Our continued focus on innovative customer solutions, delivered and supported by our experts, will allow us to shape digital navigation long into the future. Our emphasis on world-class service and a unique value proposition will continue to set us apart.

I have never been prouder to work in the marine industry and look forward to challenging the status quo with our next industry-shaping solutions and services.

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Oliver Schwarz

Business Development Director

Today ChartWorld is operating out of offices in Limassol, Singapore, Tokyo, Vancouver and Hamburg.

 We are one of the top five manufacturers of electronic chart display information systems in the world. In my responsibility as business development director, I predominantly see my role as a moderator between the demands of our sales department and the capability of our research and development team.

I have spent my entire professional career in the international maritime industry. I have had the privilege of gaining experience and knowledge across all aspects of building and leading a sales team for a very technologically advanced and diversified product range.

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Friedhelm Moggert Kägeler

Solutions Director / Maritime Spatial Data

I joined ChartWorld in 2000 and now head the company’s product management division. I am a recognised expert in electronic chart production and related International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) Standards, regularly representing ChartWorld at IHO working group meetings, industry conferences, and exhibitions.

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Holger Bothien

Head of Software Design

I lead ChartWorld’s software design and development team for SDK Nautilus. I am a navigation officer by training, although my career has focused on software development and research. My role is to develop our world-leading research and development into systems that solve the navigation problems faced by seafarers and that are easy to use.

Since 1997 I have been involved in the standardisation work of the International Hydrographic Organization and was involved in the development and maintenance of the S-57 standard. I am an expert in data modelling and encapsulation formats; these were particularly relevant to the development of the framework for digital hydrographic data, known as S-100.

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Emma Wise

Navigation Expert

Although I've never sailed, I started my career as a marine cartographer in 2004. Having been through the paper-to-digital transition myself, I related to the challenges mariners have face over the last few years.

During my time at ChartWorld covering Asia and Northern Europe for Global Sales, I have enjoyed working for a company that has built solutions for todayꞌs and tomorrowꞌs mariners. We have prepared solutions and advised customers for the ‚now‘ and for the ‚future‘ when it comes to innovating navigation, and my expertise enables me to be part of this journey. Each day, our global sales team is making promises that we can deliver on, thanks to the innovative solutions being developed in-house and the expertise we have within our organisation.

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Konstantin Ivanov

Director Data Solutions

After Maritime Academy and serving as a Navigation Officer in the navy, my career ashore began in 2000. As a product manager for digital charts and solutions, my first project was to convert S-57 data to Transas TX-97 electronic chart format. Having gained expertise in ENC data structure, presentation, and distribution, I have been actively involved in International Hydrographic Organisation Working Groups, where I have contributed to the current editions of the IHO S-52 Presentation Library, S-64 Test Data Set and S-63 ENC Data Protection standards. For over 20 years, my expertise has centred on digital data distribution and ECDIS-related data services, including future S-100 data services.

Since joining ChartWorld in 2017, my responsibility has been the product development and launch of ChartWorld’s OnRoute and OnShore products and services. These include solutions for voyage planning (MyRA), electronic charts and data for onboard systems, MyFleet, and the Route Network. My role is to provide digital solutions to our partners and customers, to make sea transportation more safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

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Andrey Vorobiev

Chief Technical Officer & Director

I am the chief technical officer of ChartWorld Group (CTO) and the technical director at ChartWorld GmbH. My area of responsibility is ChartWorld’s overall research and development and product management - the whole onboard system in front of our client seafarers.

Having served at sea as a nautical officer, I moved ashore and started a career in digital navigation. I was chief design engineer of the world’s first ever type-approved ECDIS: NaviSailor 2400ECDIS. In addition, I have contributed to the development of the international electronic navigation standards (International Hydrographic Organization, IEC*).

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Ralf Lehnert

Director Maritime Solutions

My maritime career began when I was six, as I enjoyed sailing on the river Elbe in an Optimist dinghy. My love and passion for the sea were born; as a result, after finishing school I decided to join the Navy, where I served as a seagoing Deck Officer onboard minesweepers until 1995.

I started in marine electronics in 1996, focussing on GMDSS, Radar and GPS; joining Transas Marine in 1999, I worked with ECS & ECDIS; there, I ultimately found myself deeply involved in maritime simulation. In this position I gained a deep understanding on maritime standards for training, bridge regulations and interfaces, ship handling and hydrodynamics; I also gained expertise on the requirements of digital shipping for todayꞌs seafarers and those of the future.

In 2018 I joined SevenCs / Chartworld as Director Navigation Solutions; since then, I am responsible for the companyꞌs onBoard Solutions and Chart Kernel Solutions; this gives me the platform to be a passionate driving force for safe and efficient navigation.

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Björn Röhlich

Global Operations Director & Managing Director of ChartWorld GmbH

My path to becoming a Maritime and Navigation Expert began with service as a Navy Officer, gaining five years of hands-on experience on minehunters. Switching to the civilian sector, I excelled as an ECDIS Training Manager, earning flag-state approvals for innovative training programs and contributing to authoritative publications on ECDIS.

In the role of Sales Director for SevenCs, I actively engaged with IHO industry working groups and hydrographic commissions, shaping industry standards. Now I lead the technical service and support organization, showcasing an ongoing commitment to advancing maritime navigation and to supporting the industry with what is truly a 365/24/7 setup.

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Frank Brugger

Sales Director

In January 2023, I became Sales Director for ChartWorld, having joined the company in April 2020 as a Navigation Consultant.

My career began in 1990, with the German Navy. Ten years later I left the service, to study Nautical Sciences. This reinforced my experience by providing the solid theoretical background. After those studies, I returned to sea, this time as an officer and senior officer on product tankers. My last previous post before ChartWorld was as a Superintendent and Manager, in the Marine department of a ship owner and ship manager. 

Each day it is professionally very satisfying to build on ChartWorld’s expertise and innovative strength, in making our customers’ lives safer, more productive, and easier.

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