MyFleet is a web application, intended for use either in a shipping company’s office or by the shipping company’s staff, while at home or on their travels.

MyFleet is a web application, intended for use either in a shipping company’s office or by the shipping company’s staff, while at home or on their travels. The main purpose of MyFleet is to perform the vessel’s due diligence for the voyage plan, from the safety perspective. MyFleet shows the various vessels’ voyage plans. It also provides insight on the safety-related environment, an environment that takes into account navigational data, the current route, weather, and digital data used on the vessel being monitored.

The monitoring function is provided by overlaying a variety of information on the electronic chart in the web environment (Web Map Service). The mariner using MyFleet can select and filter the information that he/she would like to see; this is in addition to configuring a monitored fleet, by selecting vessels that are to be monitored.

Background charts Online chart display: TheChart, Open StreetMaps, Bing Maps
Overlay nautical data Open Sea Maps – freely usable nautical information and geospatial data compiling a worldwide nautical chart.
Overlay weather forecast Weather forecasts from
Overlay ENC boundaries Electronic catalogue of ENC with a selection of licensed charts of the selected vessel or charts required for a voyage.
Vessel status Selection of the vessels for compiling own fleets. Vessel particulars and voyage status.
Planned route and voyage plan Graphical display of the latest planned route. The download of a printable voyage plan, rtz and t&p file
Indications and notifications Configurable safety indications if the vessel approaches or enters a specific area. Notifications related to the voyage events and digital data delivery.
CMAP subscription for MyFleet * Worldwide coverage of i4-Insight (Lloyd’s Register) Professional+ charts provided via hosted web map service
CIO t&p + NAVAREA subscription for MyFleet * Global coverage of T&P notices and NAVAREA warnings provided as a chart overlay.
CIO+ Environmental subscription for MyFleet * Global coverage of zones with environmental restrictions: ECA areas, EU port areas, US Marine sanctuaries, VGP areas, 24 NM Zones
CIO+ StayAway bathymetric chart overlay Shows hidden shoals, or shallow hazards derived from satellite images. Covering areas with CATZOC worse than A2.
Custom Areas overlay Customer-defined areas on top of the displayed nautical information.
Monitor vessel position Plotting of position of the monitored vessel obtained from AIS data. Integration of the shipping company own position report source.
Incident Investigation Module (IIM) Daily recorded replay files from the on-board eGlobe G2 ECDIS Connect.
Office eGlobe G2 Service A version of eGlobe G2 ECDIS software delivered and installed on a company’s computer.
The access is capped to 20 users per shipping company *    data or monitoring services must be subscribed for all users in a shipping company

Customer Groups

Voyage Plan Due Diligence

1. Select the vessel you want to examine.

2. Open the “current” voyage plan

3. Check entry to the voyage plan

  • Safety parameters used for the voyage
  • Time of departure
  • Speed and turn radius

4. Route check results – focus on the WPs highlighted as a danger

5. Visually check and verify the safety of the highlighted WPs

Supported Environment

Since MyFleet is a web application, running at the AWS cloud, it could be accessed from a standard internet browser. MyFleet has been tested and confirmed to work correctly in the following configuration

  • Windows 10.
  • Minimum screen size: 1024x768px
  • Browsers (Chrome/Edge/Firefox)
  • Internet Connection and access to Amazon Web Services

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