Emergency Navigation Systems

Our Emergency Navigation System is a stand-alone back-up navigation system which is deployed only if both your ECDIS systems fail. It is completely separate to ECDIS and runs on a stand-alone PC to ensure you can always get to port safely.

This is also used for Bridge Wing Navigation.

ChartWorld’s Digital Alternative To Carrying Back-up Paper Charts

ECDIS is your primary means of navigation and is entered into your safety certificate. However, many vessels may still be retaining paper charts for emergency situations, although this is not a legal obligation.

Advantages of ENS vs. Paper Charts

  • Use of powerful, type-approved ECDIS software

  • The crew can navigate safely to the next pilot station or port, in line with your digital ISM process; no need to switch back to paper in an already stressful situation
  • Your ENS is always up-to-date and uses the same ENC as your ECDIS
  • ENS is 100% independent of the ship’s power supply

Reduce your paper chart folio on board, operate more safely, and save costs.

ChartWorld ENS as digital data display

ChartWorld´s ENS solution also fulfils back-up requirements for digital publications. Together with our eGlobe G2 Software, the following can also be installed:

  1. ChartWorld’s ChartBrowser software

  2. ADMIRALTY AENP reader

  3. ADP viewer (ADTT; ADLL, ADRS)

  4. Digital IMO publications

  5. Digital NtM