ChartWorld Launches eSync to Address Cyber Security Needs of a More Connected World Fleet


ChartWorld, a leader in digital navigation solutions, has launched eSync, a revolutionary onboard data gateway designed to meet the growing cyber security demands of a more connected global shipping fleet.

eSync eliminates the need for AVCS-based media onboard vessels, removing the necessity for manual data transfers to the bridge. The eSync box, once installed and connected to the vessel’s communication system and to the bridge’s ECDIS (regardless of its brand), streamlines data management and the system’s exposure to manual risk.

ChartWorld’s CEO, Steven Schootbrugge, said “The trend of improved connectivity onboard SOLAS vessels, notably through systems like Starlink, is reducing the need to update onboard ECDIS data (ENC) with physical media. However, this also introduces a new scale of security concerns.”

“Critical systems, including navigation, will rely on – can now rely on – continuous connectivity. This means we must ensure the data exchange process is as secure as possible.”

Data exchange between eSync and ChartWorld servers is conducted through a secure VPN tunnel, ensuring compliance with the IEC 61162-460 standard for cyber security. This secure connection is crucial, as the trend towards enhanced connectivity onboard SOLAS vessels, facilitated by technologies like Starlink, minimizes the need for physical media to update onboard ECDIS data, such as ENC data, route (rtz, csv) files, and CIO+ data (ChartWorld Information Overlay+), when using ChartWorld’s ecosystem, NavCloud.

eSync is certified with IEC 61162-460 for Ethernet interconnection safety and security and meets IEC 60945 standards. This certification underscores eSync’s role as the leader in a new generation of industrial maritime gateways, acting as a secure bridge between onboard ECDIS and ChartWorld’s NavCloud servers.

Oliver Schwarz, Business Development Director, said “A self-contained and secure gateway unit is the most cost-effective and practical way to secure ship-to-shore data. ChartWorld has, again, delivered a solution that keeps ships and crew safe.

“ChartWorld stands out as the sole digital-data provider and ECDIS manufacturer offering a compliant cyber-secure solution to mitigate the security risks associated with digital navigation and ECDIS. eSync is an integral part of our OnRoute service, ensuring that crews are equipped with the latest technology for safe and efficient navigation, thereby reducing risks.”

Key features of eSync include the protection and security of the network, using a multilayer inspection firewall; network and transport layer access control, based on addresses, ports, and protocols; the efficient download, application, and storage of weekly AVCS Base Media; and the seamless exchange of MyRA routes and CIO+ data files between the ECDIS and ChartWorld NavCloud servers.