ChartWorld Launches World-First 4K ECDIS


ChartWorld has announced the launch of its next generation eGlobe G2+ ECDIS. eGlobe G2+ is the world’s first 4K ECDIS, displaying chart data in ultra-high definition, greatly improving ECDIS visibility and safety, route planning capability, and overall situational awareness.

Steven Schootbrugge CEO of ChartWorld, commented “ENCs and ECDIS, like paper charts before them, are at the heart of modern navigation. One of the great advantages of digital navigation is our ability to navigate more accurately and update charts quickly as more detailed, or even specific, information becomes available.”

“However, as with all technology, the ability to present accurate, user-friendly, information is restricted by either the data itself, or your ability to present this information. With better navigation data available, EDCIS displays are becoming the weak link. ECDIS displays are no different from TV, if you want a better, more accurate picture, you need a higher definition display.”

ChartWorld’s larger Ultra High Definition 32′ screen provides crystal-clear chart presentation and touchscreen functionality, while state-of -the-art rugged processors provide industry-leading speed and reliability.

 Schootbrugge noted that for many shipping companies the move to 4k was not just an added feature, but a necessary risk-management tool, “It’s becoming unacceptable that your smart phone or TV is easier to use, has greater definition, and is more accurate than the ECDIS unit on an oil tanker or container ship. The consequences and cost of not keeping up with beneficial technological advances are just too high.”

“While we have seen enormous change with the move to ENCs, and improved chart accuracy, at ChartWorld we believe we are only just scratching the surface of how digital navigation is going to develop over the coming years. There will be more information to process, from more sources, and with far greater detail on route planning, route checking, and vessel efficiency. And the output of all this information will likely come to the crew and shore staff through a number of high definition touchscreen units.”

eGlobe G2+ functionality is based on ChartWorld’s market-leading eGlobe G2 system – the best combination of usability and intuitive ease of operation.