ChartWorld’s Service Partner Awards


ChartWorld are well known for having a strong, growing team of selected service partners, all of them working to the highest standards. Last year our Technical Service did a global audit of all ChartWorld service partners and honoured them for a job well done. 

Early in 2021, ChartWorld announced three award winners:

these partners were given certification as the Best Service Partner, the Highly Commended Service Partner, and the partner with the Strongest Attendance Record respectively. The Awards Ceremony took place online in early February. 

It is with pleasure that we now publicly announce all the winners:

– AMI MARITIME – Strongest Attendance Record. 89 vessels visited on behalf of ChartWorld, for installations, services and Annual Performance Test (APT) in 2020, thereby achieving a rating of 4.1 points. 

Mr. Ma Ying and Mr. Cheng took receipt of the certificate.

– INFOMARINE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES (ITS), Greece – Highly Commended Service Partner, likewise earning a rating of 4.1 points. The certificate was received by Mr Nikolaos Stavlas and Mr Meletios Sotiriou.

– MARE TEKNOLOJI, Turkey – Best Service Partner, with a rating of 4.3 points. The certificate was presented to Mr Cengiz Cetinkaya online.

All service partners have expressed their gratitude for the tireless support that they have received in their work, from ChartWorld Customer and Technical Service. The partners have made it clear that their high-quality performance would not have been possible without it.