World ECDIS Day 2023 and ChartWorld: Making a Reality of Commercially Efficient, Environmentally Responsible Shipping


World ECDIS Day provides an excellent forum for highlighting ChartWorld’s contribution to ever greater vessel efficiency and to the ongoing drive to integrate environmental sustainability into navigation. It has been our pleasure to support WED since 2015 and we are proud to be official partners of the event again this year. 

World ECDIS Day, the biannual global event dedicated to promoting Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) and digital navigation in the maritime industry, will be held in Hamburg on 6 September 2023. This year’s theme, “Shipping: The Business of Fine Margins,” highlights the crucial role ECDIS plays in optimizing efficiency, safety, profitability, and environmental performance for shipping companies worldwide.

ECDIS has revolutionized the way ships navigate the world’s oceans by providing digital charting systems that enhance situational awareness, route planning, and collision avoidance. These advanced systems have reduced the risk of maritime accidents and improved the overall safety of navigation. Furthermore, ECDIS enables vessels to optimize routes, leading to significant fuel savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

This year’s World ECDIS Day will feature a series of informative workshops, panel discussions, and interactive demonstrations showcasing the latest ECDIS and digital navigation solutions. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge technologies that support commercially sustainable shipping practices and contribute to environmental protection.

“We are very pleased to welcome back World ECDIS Day, an event that has evolved as a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences related to all aspects of digital navigation, safety, vessel efficiency, and environmental performance,” said Oliver Schwarz, member of the World ECDIS Day organising committee. “This year, our focus is on the intersection of ECDIS and vessel efficiency, highlighting how the maritime industry can leverage technology to improve safety and commercial margins, measure and reduce its carbon footprint, and preserve our oceans for future generations.”

The event will feature topics such as ECDIS integration with emission reduction strategies, eco-routing, and the use of data analytics to optimize vessel performance. The discussions will explore practical ways in which ECDIS can support the industry’s transition towards sustainable practices, aligning with global environmental goals.

As the maritime industry continues to navigate the challenges of climate change and environmental sustainability, World ECDIS Day plays a vital role in driving the adoption of ECDIS technology and promoting responsible shipping practices.

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