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This makes CIO+ T&P and CIO+ NAVAREA a powerful combination of input sources, filling the gaps that the ENC and the AIO products leave with regard to the T&P data. This approach helps the ship’s crew to comply with the new OCIMF recommendations for ship inspection.
Following increasing threats and recent attacks on merchant vessels, and updated advice from industry associations, ChartWorld has released updates to its route networks and digital routing service...
ChartWorld, a leading provider of digital navigation and voyage planning solutions, has announced the new extension of their popular MyFleet vessel management tool; it enables users to calculate and predict Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) and other performance parameters for upcoming voyages.
Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) and ChartWorld, one of the largest international specialist digital navigation providers, have signed an agreement to deliver ChartWorld’s “On-board Familiarisation System” (OFS) on OTG’s Ocean Learning Platform (OLP).
ChartWorld Charts – ChartWorld charts are the perfect charts for vessels in coastal navigation and pleasure crafts. They are vector nautical charts derived by ChartWorld from S-57 data produced and licensed to us by national HOs for non-SOLAS applications only.WARNING: No National Hydrographical Office has verified the information in this product and none accept liability […]
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ChartWorld has made several safety-enhancing additions to its state-of-the-art MyFleet application. MyFleet has been designed so that shore staff, wherever they are, can perform and check the voyage planning process and execution.
ECDIS was designed to improve safety and ease the workload of navigators. One activity which has burdened navigators since the invention of paper charts is that of chart corrections.