COVID-19 & Digital Navigation


The Covid-19 outbreak has caused unprecedented disruption to supply chains and the movement of people. While maritime sector operations have been greatly affected, we believe the digital navigation services implemented on vessels worldwide are at minimal risk being interrupted due to the external circumstances.

Our focus on digitization through systems such as eGlobe G2 ECDIS, MyRA, and ChartBrowser means we can support all our products remotely and with the assistance of a vessel's crew. For example, the eGlobe and eServe services do not require technicians onboard after the system has been installed and set up correctly. The crew can exchange hard drives or the eGlobe panel PC on their own, if necessary, because of our rapid exchange installation concept. No other spare parts will be needed. 

Our commitment to providing you with the latest voyage planning and navigation solutions means we have a number of solutions and services coming to further help you keep track of everything happening on your vessel related to navigation. We appreciate this may become increasingly important given the current uncertainty. 

All our worldwide technicians, as well as the ChartWorld team, will continue to do their part to manage the situation by staying safe in their home countries and avoiding travel. These precautionary measures are necessary and correct for the time being.

Our support teams around the world are working 24/7 and will answer all your questions, anytime. We are working tirelessly to help everyone stay safe and healthy while continuing to serve you and your fleets.

Steven Schootbrugge, 
CEO, ChartWorld International