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| May 3, 2024
ChartWorld launches Radar-As-A-Service

ChartWorld has launched a ‘Radar as a service’ model, providing Raymarine’s Pathfinder™ Solid State IMO X-Band radar system on a subscription basis.

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| February 16, 2024
New MyRA Features Allow for Area Avoidance and Improve Route Creation Functionality

ChartWorld has launched its updated MyRA 1.8 automatic voyage planning tool. This version includes…

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| December 12, 2023
Navigation Support Updates in Response to Threats and Attacks on Shipping

Following increasing threats and recent attacks on merchant vessels, and updated advice from industry associations, ChartWorld has released updates to its route networks and digital routing service…

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| May 16, 2023
ChartWorld Launches Route Network API

ChartWorld, launches its enhanced Route Network API to cater to the increasing need for assisted and automated route planning tools in the shipping industry. The Route Network API offers fully automated route planning solutions, targeting ChartWorld’s solution partners and their users.

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| May 2, 2023
ChartWorld Enables CII Calculation and Prediction in Latest Release of MyFleet

ChartWorld, a leading provider of digital navigation and voyage planning solutions, has announced the new extension of their popular MyFleet vessel management tool; it enables users to calculate and predict Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) and other performance parameters for upcoming voyages.

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| November 30, 2022
BC Ferries moves to Paperless Navigation with ChartWorld

BC Ferries, one of the largest ferry operators in the world, has moved to paperless navigation systems. This transition follows a year-long process of testing and onboarding ChartWorld’s digital navigation services across the BC Ferries fleet.

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| August 31, 2022
Ocean Technologies Group and ChartWorld Collaborate to Benefit Mutual Customers

Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) and ChartWorld, one of the largest international specialist digital navigation providers, have signed an agreement to deliver ChartWorld’s “On-board Familiarisation System” (OFS) on OTG’s Ocean Learning Platform (OLP).

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| August 3, 2022
ChartWorld extends the content of its unique CIO+ Data Service

This makes CIO+ T&P and CIO+ NAVAREA a powerful combination of input sources, filling the gaps that the ENC and the AIO products leave with regard to the T&P data. This approach helps the ship’s crew to comply with the new OCIMF recommendations for ship inspection.

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| July 11, 2022
Voyage Order Improves Charterer, Operations, and Marine Management Collaboration

ChartWorld has announced the latest release of MyFleet version 1.11 including a brand new “Voyage Order” feature improving collaborative voyage planning between stakeholders onshore and onboard.

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| May 24, 2022
Major Enhancement of CIO+

ChartWorld is proud to announce an immediate enhancement of the data distributed in ChartWorld’s Information Overlay Data Service, CIO+.

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