My Route Appraisal (MyRA). Release of version 1.2.


ChartWorld has launched version 1.2 of its revolutionary voyage planning software, MyRA. This release will further establish MyRA as the market-leading solution for voyage planning.

MyRA provides teams, based both on board vessels and on shore, with a voyage plan, automatically calculated and ready for use by the ECDIS. That voyage plan is based on the ChartWorldRoute Network database and takes several external variables into account during calculation. In addition, MyRA benefits from automatically calculated safety corridors based on user-selected safety settings.

Version 1.2. takes to a new dimension the drive to reduce crews’ administrative workload. Its innovations free up crew members’ attention for more productive and analytical tasks, by increasingly relieving them of routine activities. A key benefit of this is minimisation of human error, resulting from fatigue in some instances.

A unique feature of MyRA Version 1.2. is that it subdivides the voyage plan into four segments – berthing; confined waters; coastal waters; and open sea – each with different safety parameters and supported by bathymetry.

On top, MyRA 1.2. enables the customer to customize the route received, to match the exact requirements. For this, it automatically provides all required data and an editable voyage plan.

These developments are all about improved accuracy, on two dimensions: the initial setting of the route itself and the route-check.

MyRA also integrates ChartWorld’s CIO+, a safety-enhancing information overlay feature attracting much positive feedback.

The network of routes used draws upon a very extensive spectrum of sources, including information from nautical charts and publications.