New MyRA Features Allow for Area Avoidance and Improve Route Creation Functionality


ChartWorld has launched its updated MyRA 1.8 automatic voyage planning tool. This version includes key user experience improvements, including the ability to avoid or minimize navigating in pre-defined areas. Other features include expanded ECDIS compatibility and the further development of automatic route creation capabilities to match specific user needs.

The onboard MyRA 1.8 application is further integrated into the shoreside ‘MyFleet’ web application. MyRA can now accept voyage orders created in MyFleet and automatically convert them to a voyage plan request that can be adjusted by the crew to reflect existing onboard vessel and voyage conditions.

The new Route Network functionality incorporated into the MyRA application provides an improved preview of the route request before it is sent for the shore-based automatic voyage plan calculation. Key features include:

  • For cases where the voyage is calculated to start or end outside of a port, the user can now define and visualize the route starting or ending from any position.
  • Users can now include intermediate points for the voyage, defining specific locations where the route must pass.
  • The onboard Route Network has been significantly reduced in size, enabling automatic remote updates to be performed through the MyRA Information Service.
  • MyRA now enables users to define whether the route should avoid or minimize navigating in a specific area such as Internal waters (the baseline), Territorial waters, or ECA.

In an expansion in system compatibility, users of MyRA 1.8 who use ECDIS models that do not support the RTZ route format can get the MyRA route exported to the specific ECDIS format without the need for an external route converter. MyRA now can export and import routes into many ECDIS formats by using the built-in route converter.

Additional functions include the ability to define the cargo that should be considered in the automatic route calculations in the ChartWorld Route Network.