Voyage Order Improves Charterer, Operations, and Marine Management Collaboration


ChartWorld, the leading provider of digital navigation solutions, has announced the latest release of MyFleet version 1.11 including a brand new “Voyage Order” feature improving collaborative voyage planning between stakeholders onshore and onboard.

Voyage Order is designed for the specific needs of the charterer, operations, and marine management. The service provides a quick analysis of the time and distance required for a particular vessel, taking into account all critical navigational requirements, to load and bring its cargo to the desired destination, including advanced calculation of 2-leg voyages (e.g. Laycan and Laden legs).

The MyFleet platform, allows a user to create and analyze a voyage-order proposal for any selected vessel in a user’s fleet and share this information with the bridge team. Voyage Order automatically calculates a route for the selected vessel, visualizes the route on a chart, and provides information about the voyage.  The voyage information includes Total Distance, Planned Time of Departure (PTD), Required Sea Speed, Time to Go (TTG), and Planned Time of Arrival (PTA).

Steven Schootbrugge, ChartWorld CEO, said “When it comes to voyage planning, the needs of seafarers, commercial teams, and charterers are similar - but are obviously not the same. Charterers need distinct information with far less operational detail, and Voyage Order recognizes this. Commercially this information makes a lot of difference - it’s a critically important part of the shipping business.”

ChartWorld’s Business Development Director, Oliver Schwarz said “Developing the Voyage Order feature in MyFleet is a direct consequence of the disconnect between operations and marine departments we have observed. MyFleet dramatically improves managing the expectations between the vessels and fleet management.

MyFleet also offers an API to exchange the voyage planning and execution information with other web services utilized within a shipping company.

“This is the direction the industry is headed, and we’re pleased to be leading the way on both sides of the business - safe navigation and commercial efficiency,” said Schwarz.