eQuip FAQs

You can find the most frequently asked questions about eQuip.

This service is included with your ECDIS management system.

We have created ECDIS management system for over 100 shipping companies. As a precaution, you could consider benchmarking how other companies did it.

Large shipping companies will have their own staff to do this work. We are simply offering professional support and specialist expertise to make life easier.

We know how to implement our system better than anyone, saving you time and an expensive learning curve.

We know that our solution is accepted by PSC eGlobe.

Over 10 years, when purchasing the dual ECDIS and digital navigation products, the average cost of ownership is about USD 180,000 in total.

When calculating you need to include:
initial training costs, including flights and accommodation, continuous training costs, maintenance costs, spare parts, software upgrades, downtime, freight costs, all hardware costs, replacement systems, finance costs – the lot.

We provide an end-to-end navigation solution, with our ꞌcustomer for life ꞌ philosophy. One fixed price per month will cover all the above and more; in this way, there is no risk of finding unexpectedly that you are outside your budget from one year to the next.

We want to forge long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial.

We never want our customers to feel like the ECDIS manufacturer and the chart provider each hold the other responsible if an issue emerges. We are prepared to discuss this with each customer; in principle, however, we believe that the experience is better for customers and users when we supply both these products.

Please see “Do I get a discount if I order two eGlobe units for my vessel?”

Yes, we support many different formats.

The initial installation of an ECDIS has to be done by a certified technician; thereafter the system is simple enough for the crew to update SW, exchange hardware and replace the hard disk drives. We only have three spare parts; this will significantly reduce the risk of downtime and the cost of maintenance.

With our easy and quick exchange solution, nothing will be changed on the sensor connection. The ECDIS hardware can be exchanged by the crew.

Yes, we have everything that you will need to go paperless:

o ECDIS type approval by DNV
o MED B + D certificate, wheelmark certificate
o SENC certificate by DNV
o Technician certificates

And we are happy to help you with the registration at your flag state. The requirements differ from state to state.

Within our 22 main service ports, we can deliver and install within one week. For all other ports, we can deliver in one week and install immediately after.

We have a lifetime warranty that covers the whole system.

We start providing replacement systems after 45,000 hours of use; this is approximately five years. This is when the half-life of most LCD panels is reached. Our teams will work with you to find the most suitable port to arrange the swap.


We are prepared to commit to prices agreed for a five-year period if the customer makes the same price commitment to us.

The Chartworld group is the ECDIS manufacturer and owns all the intellectual property.

Chartworld is making sure that the GUI, in particular, will not change so much; that way, only refresher training is needed. eCert/OFS training courses will be updated on a regular basis.

In addition, if you subscribe to eCert/OFS you will be able to re-train your crew on the newest version.


By now, we have installed the 24ʺ standard display over 2,500 times, including on fishing boats and tugboats. We have always found a place to install it. Please send us your bridge layout and we will find a solution.

Yes, you can use a USB stick; we can supply all data on both mediums.

Yes, but please be aware that an ECDIS is only approved when you use official data.

Yes, with our emergency navigation solution (ENS) we can provide the same ECDIS SW with all sensor information on a mobile platform for use on the bridge wings.

Transparency is our model and we believe 100% in our service.

Please ask your ChartWorld contact person to show you the eSeries terms and conditions. You will see a very flexible customer-driven document with a lot of advantage for you as an eSeries partner.

In general, no service is needed; this is because the unit can be swapped by the crew, in an easy and quick exchange.

Our maintenance service covers all labour and spare parts costs, including freight.

Yes, we can provide touchscreen units and a 32-inch touchscreen solution as well.

These types of sensor data can be displayed in eGlobe:
o LOG (standard)
o GPS 1 (standard)
o GPS 2 (standard)
o GYRO (standard)
o AIS (standard)
o ARPA (standard)
o ARPA 2
o BNWAS (standard if new vessel)
o VDR (standard if new vessel)
o BAM (standard if new vessel)
o NAVTEX (standard)

If no NMEA data are supplied we perhaps need additional interfaces.

In general, yes. If the equipment used is above a particular age, it may mean that an interface is needed.

If you have a currently-valid chart contract, we will work with you to ensure that you do not pay double for anything. We would like there to be a switchover of the electronic nautical charts to use of our services when your current contract runs out.

If you only buy Electronic Nautical Charts from any supplier, you can change the contract at any time without any additional costs involved.

You can use eGlobe next to another ECDIS; however, you cannot connect to it in a network. We do not recommend that you have two ECDIS brands on one bridge. This creates extra work for the crew, increases the risk of a misunderstanding if the primary ECDIS goes down, and increases the training burden.

If you subscribe to eServe, we guarantee that your fleet will be equipped with the same software all the time. It will meet all the latest standards, with no extra cost or inconvenience to you.

A direct connection to the ship’s communication system also enables the ECDIS to be updated automatically with no USB or human interaction.

We will review how you utilise all the assets, as you work with digital navigation in your organisation today; our experts will create a solution that will not only lower your existing costs but will make many aspects more efficient.