eServe FAQs

You can find the most frequently asked questions about eServe.

We have three spare parts; we can provide these as an essential spares solution or deliver them when necessary. The crew can switch these systems within 30 minutes.

A certified service
Storing the data and cleaning the system
Exchanging parts of the system if necessary
Checking sensor connections
Checking installed charts
Suggestion for additional improvements

At present there is no standard for ECDIS APT. In any case, our viewpoint is that ECDIS APT is reasonable; ECDIS is your primary means of navigation – unlike the VDR (which is more or less never in use).

An APT will also be standard in the near future.

Yes, we have designed the system in a way that makes expensive engineering visits for SW upgrades unnecessary.

Is it also possible for our (shipping company) standard service partner to perform the services?
• Yes, we can train your service team to perform installations and first-line support.

Maintenance contracts are always more expensive than service work performed on a case-by-case basis. What are my advantages?
In our view, two factors – the system design and the nature of constant improvement to the ECDIS standard and ECDIS hardware – mean that shipping companies face what they may feel is a ꞌmoving goalpostsꞌ situation. eServe guarantees that we switch this ꞌmoving goalpostsꞌ burden onto ourselves.
We are not talking about a maintenance contract of USD 10,000 a year but rather of about USD 1,500 a year.

– Lifetime up-to-date software
– All service costs included
– No unexpected costs
– New hardware every five years
– Freight covered for warranty part-exchange